Extra help with your travel/homelife ?

We can help, anything from just opening the door and adjusting the seat to escorting a trip to the shops and even doing the shopping with you, or if you wish, for you. 

 With an extensive knowledge of Torbay We can Assist with all kinds of everyday deeds, including trips to the post office or bank ?

 Trip to the hospital, don't know where to go? can't cope with the stress (and cost!) of parking and finding your way ? we'll take you there, even escort you to the correct department, (in a porters wheelchair if you wish) make sure you are checked in safely, Then when you are ready to come home, give us a call and we will return right to where we dropped off and pick you up.

Prices are flexible, as a guideline a trip from Torquay out to the Willows to shop at M&S or Sainsburys and back home, lasting about an hour would be £40.00.