Arrive in style and comfort....

The client has booked a transfer for three passengers from Torquay to Heathrow, Terminal four on Monday 01/01/2013 leaving at 09.00.

Here's how we like to do a typical airport run...

 At 08.45, the car pulls up right outside the pick up address. The driver rings the client doorbell and introduces himself. Whilst the client finalises leaving the house, checking they have all the right documentation etc. The driver will carry the luggage out to the taxi. Safely loaded, the driver then helps the client and fellow passengers to alight the vehicle, whilst making them comfortable, describing the seat functions and making sure everyone is safely belted up.

Leaving Torquay on time, for an (approximatly) four hour drive, the driver will check that everyone is comfortable and if requested start the in car entertainment. (Radio, C.D's or D.V.D's on the built in player.)

We like to take the 'pretty' route, so it's along the coast road to Shaldon and over the river to Teignmouth. Up the Exeter Hill and across Haldon moor to the A38. There's a little bit of motorway now, untill we cruise up the A30 past Exeter airport. After Honiton, we're on to the A303. Across Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge, we're about and hour away from the airport and it's all dual carrigeway from here. Joining the M3 at Baisingstoke we make our way on to the M25. Three junctions later we approach Terminal four via the service road.

Arriving at the Airport At 12.45 The driver pulls in to the carpark, right outside the Terminal and unloads the luggage on to a waiting trolley. After the client and passengers have alighted from the taxi, the driver will check the interior of the car to make sure nothing is left behind.

The client pays the driver, always my favourite bit! and as they have booked a return gives the driver all the flight details and a contact number. Saying a final "Bon voyage" the driver will be there to meet them in the terminal and guide them back to the taxi when they return from their trip.